Our process

Each product is made from raw materials and sourced in the U.S. We take pride in hand picking each Pendleton® Wool pattern and pairing it with the most natural leather hide. Leather hides are hand selected and sourced in the U.S. Every bag, wallet, clutch, journal, and tote is hand cut from patterns we have created. Every strap on our bags and journals are hand cut from huge hides of leather. No two items are the same!  All items are sewn by Miranda on an old industrial Consew 206 sewing machine that we purchase used with many years of life left on it. All items are made with minimal tools and small amount of supplies. One product can take hours up to days to make. We do not rush our process and enjoy making one of a kind items. Products are made in a small room at our house in New Mexico with our toddler by our side.  

Meet the maker